T-Minus Six Days

Is it true that Christmas is just six days from today? Where does the time go? At least we are savvy enough to do all of our holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, having learned that lesson the hard way more than once. Going to the malls at this time of year is like leaping off a […]


One of our dear friends offered to watch the two kids this evening while we went and saw King Kong at the local cinema. As I have seen the original movie from 1933, Peter Jackson (same guy who directed the Rings trilogy) did a nice job staying somewhat true to the original, with some obvious […]

Sox Will Have Co-GMs

Boston Red Sox President/CEO Larry Lucchino announced last night that, to replace former GM Theo Epstein, the Sox have promoted Ben Cherington and Jed Hoyer, two former Epstein understudies, to co-general managers. Our only thought is: when they come to an impasse on a personnel decision, will they use paper-rock-scissors? Best two-out-of-three? Well, with the […]

Photos Are Coming…

We played around with the site a bit this evening and did update the header so that it rotates between about two dozen choices, including ones with the kids as well as some random shots that we’ve taken over the years. We are still working on adding recent photos to the mix, too, as well […]