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We played around with the site a bit this evening and did update the header so that it rotates between about two dozen choices, including ones with the kids as well as some random shots that we’ve taken over the years. We are still working on adding recent photos to the mix, too, as well as bringing back some of the “classics.” Stay tuned!

Today being Sunday meant football all afternoon on the tube, though we caught just the second half of a game between our beloved Patriots and the Bills, who New England easily beat in the snow to move to 8-5. Now, a win or a Miami loss clinches the AFC East for the third straight season. Making it back-to-back-to-back Super Bowl wins, however, is a different story.

Well, even though the chances of a championship three-peat appear slim at best, you can never count out Bill Belichik and crew, at least not in recent memory. Go Patsies! Tom Brady, the thinking man’s MVP…

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