Tiffany is employed at Lawrence General Hospital in Lawrence, MA, as a respiratory therapist. The rest of the time, she is a full-time Mom to Jakob, Lea, and Emme. She also enjoys time spent in her gardens during the summer and scrapbooking in the winter.

Jeff spends his weekdays working as a senior engineer for Raytheon in Tewksbury, MA. Outside of work, he enjoys exercising at the gym, working on home improvement projects, and making his lawn the envy of the neighborhood. As a devout Boston Red Sox fan, his first choice of television programming is a baseball game. He also enjoys the Boston Bruins and the show Mythbusters.

Jakob is ten and in fifthgrade.  He enjoys building Lego models, Taekwondo, and trips to Burger King. His favorite television show is Lego Ninjago and Legends of Chima and enjoys watching Red Sox baseball games as well. He also loves computer time and, as you might have guessed, often goes to to study what’s new in the world of Legos!

Lea (pronounced LEE-uh) is eight and in second grade. Going against type, she loves to collect bugs in the backyard and read books on snakes. Her favorite television channel is NatGeo Wild and her favorite show — no surprise here! — is Snake Wranglers. However, like most other six-year-old girls, she also loves to play princess dress-up, get her nails painted, and wear “pretties” in her hair.  She also enjoys dance lessons and Taekwondo.

Emme is four years old and learns everything by watching her brother and sister in action. She loves riding her tricycle and being pushed on the swing at the playground. She also loves fresh fruit and bath time! Her favorite show is Little Einsteins and her favorite character is Rocket!

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Hi Guys,
I like the new layout. I need some lessons Jeff!
Are you using new software?
Lea is getting big already. The story about the salt potatoes cracked me up!