Anyone who knows us well realizes that we are cat lovers, as both of us grew up with cats in our homes. Today, we have two beautiful cats, Zoey and Romeo; both are American Shorthairs with tabby markings. Both are strictly indoor cats loved, although both have made many attempts to escape and explore the world outside her windows.

Both cats came to us through the Salem (NH) Animal Rescue League, which is also a non-kill shelter for the abandoned and unwanted animals in and around Salem, NH. We adopted Zoey in December 2008 at about one year old; she was the first non-Siamese breed that either of us owned. She was found after being abandoned by her original owner at the local mall. We adopted Romeo in January of 2014; while the paperwork we received stated that he was about six years,  the vet estimated him to be no more than three. Both are very affectionate and both are very tolerant of the kids.

Before Zoey and Romeo, we’ve had several other cats:

Miko and Koko were snowshoe Siamese cats that came to us through Kitty Angels, a no-kill shelter that rescues stray and abandoned cats. Miko was found as a kitten in the late fall of 1998 abandoned and living behind a department store in Lowell, nearly the same place where another cat we adopted, Koko, was found earlier that fall. We had adopted Koko when he was around eight weeks old and one month later took home Miko when she was around three or four months old. Koko was with us for ten years before he passed in November 2008, while Miko was with us 15 years before she passed in December 2013.

Tonka was a seal point Siamese that we purchased from a breeder in upstate New York in June 2001 when he was three months old; soon after Jakob was born, we found that he wasn’t happy having the new baby around the house. Fortunately for us (and for Tonka!), Jeff’s parents agreed to give him a good home. He  him in and he has adjusted well to his new surroundings. He lived to nearly the age of 16 and passed early in 2017.

Saki, Monkey, and Makayla  were three beautiful Siamese cats whom Tiffany kept after leaving home. All three lived to ripe old ages and, though they are long gone, they have not been forgotten for being wonderful companions.