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Snow Day!

SnowmanFriday came and there was talk of snowfall in the area, perhaps six to ten inches, and we ended up with sixteen total. The interesting part was that it all came down in what seemed like a matter of minutes. Jeff had to run down to City Hall for a building permit so that he could continue working on the basement renovation (excuse us – cellar renovation, according to the language of the building inspectors) and while the snow was falling, there was no sense of panic or urgency.

However, just after lunch, it seemed like the snow started coming in sideways and quickly accumulated to the point that, after it stopped at around 3:30, Jeff went out to snowblow the driveway and needed to push hard on the screen door to move what had drifted against it.

There was a beautiful pink sunset and, what was not surprising, within a couple of hours the roads were pretty-well plowed and nearly every driveway that we could see was clear. Snowstorm, what snowstorm?

Today being Saturday, we got out and played in the freshly-fallen powder, with Jakob helping Jeff build a “Frosty” in the backyard. We also pulled him around in his old sled, though it’s a little too small for him. Luckily, Santa already told us that there should be a nice surprise under the tree for Jakob very soon. *smile*

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