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Best Friends

Jeff and Ben
Jeff and Ben

This photos is Jeff with his best friend from college, Ben Haas, who also happened to be the best man at our wedding. This was taken at the first game of the World Series in 2004, which Boston won, 11-9.

Ben is heading to NYC at the end of the year to start a new job. We got to spend the afternoon today with him watching the Pats game together as we have done so for the past four or five years. Though he appeared subdued about the whole affair, we can tell that he is very excited to be heading there. Plus, it will put him closer to his girlfriend, Alex, who lives in Brooklyn and whom we haven’t met yet, though we have seen pictures and she is cute! Ben was also nice enough to give us a box of delicious cannolis, which Tiffany can’t eat because of Lea’s allergies but nevertheless were enjoyed by Jakob and Jeff.

We wish him all the best in his new endeavor!

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