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T-Minus Six Days

Is it true that Christmas is just six days from today? Where does the time go? At least we are savvy enough to do all of our holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, having learned that lesson the hard way more than once. Going to the malls at this time of year is like leaping off a cliff and hoping that you miraculously sprout wings on the way down.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Christmas a few days early when Jeff’s brother and his family roll into town. Greg is stationed down in Norfolk with the Navy and has another year of sea duty before he hopes to take on an assignment closer to his family as well as his wife Becca’s family. They have two boys, Austin and Ethan, and we have not seen any of them since their last visit a year ago. Of course, they have yet to meet their niece, Lea, so that should be exciting.

Otherwise, today is just another Monday with Jeff back at work and Tiffany holding down the fort at home.

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