Merry Christmas!

Well, here it is, Christmas Eve 2005 and Santa will be hitching up his sleigh in a few hours to deliver toys to all the good little girls and boys. We’re out here in upstate NY at Tiffany’s mother’s home and tomorrow we will get to enjoy dinner with all the trimmings and exchange gifts […]

The Sniffles

Well, it’s more like that cough that makes you sound like a barking dog, but that’s what Jakob had today. We’re not sure who or where he got it from but it had him down most of today. Luckily, Children’s Tylenol works quick. He was back to his usual self in no time, i.e., he […]

Nomar In Dodger Blue

So Nomar is now playing first base for the Dodgers, having signed a one-year deal with incentives to play in Los Angeles. It’s not that surprising when you consider that Garciaparra is a California boy. It makes you wonder if he’s going to be another Fred Lynn: a player whose career started with so much […]