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Oh, There You Are!

Well, it’s been some time since our last post – in fact, this is officially the first post of the New Year! Unfortunately, the whole family was under the weather for some time and there wasn’t much to write about unless you wanted to hear about all the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and aching. Lea recovered very nicely from her scare with RSV but has lately been dealing with the teething issue, meaning that she’s been awake for part of the night, usually for at least a couple hours at a time. So it goes with an infant.

Meanwhile, Jakob is doing well. He recovered first and was back to bouncing off the walls, the ceiling, and everything else. Yesterday we took him outside to play in the snow and he had a blast, of course. He really enjoyed having Daddy pull him around the yard on the new sled that he got for Christmas from his grandparents. He also helped Jeff clear some of the driveway, or at least a small portion of it (a couple of scoops counts).

In other news, the basement is still a work in progress. Jeff got back down there this weekend and installed more insulation. Hopefully, very soon we should be able to start putting up the sheet rock. We actually bought a new television – a nice flat screen that we got for next to nothing at a post-Christmas sale – and that will be going down there eventually.

The Patriots also live another week. After winning the division and seeding fourth, they manhandled Jacksonville at Gillette Stadium on Saturday night during Wild Card weekend, so it’s off to Denver this coming Saturday for a rematch with the Broncos (who clobbered the Pats back in October, 28-20). If they get past them, then it will be either a trip to Indianapolis to face the Colts or a home game against Pittsburgh for the AFC championship, but it’s one week at a time with this team.

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Hey, glad to hear your family is healthy again! Thanks for the Sports news as well, well it was news to me!

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