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Bye, Bye, Kitty

Well, it looks like we will be dropping off the kitten at a vet’s place in Dunstable tomorrow morning. The woman from Kitty Angels will be out of town for the next few days, but we’ll be heading out of town ourselves at the end of the week and he needs attention. We’ve come to the conclusion that, as cute as he is, we just don’t have the time or energy to take on another cat right now.

If you are interested in him, he should be available soon for adoption. We don’t know procedure the organization follows before they start to advertise him as available, but feel free to go to the web site, look for the phone number, and tell them that you want the orange tiger kitten that just changed hands.

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Aw, poor kitty. I hope he does alright. I would have loved to take him but now just isn’t the right time. Please catch another adorable kitten in the spring.

Actually, I hope that we don’t catch any more cats. It just saddens us to see people who should know better not taking responsibility for the care of an animal. Why people won’t spend a few bucks to have a pet spayed or neutered to alleviate the rampant overpopulation is beyond our comprehension; if it costs too much for you to do so, then you shouldn’t own that pet!

We encourage anyone looking for a pet to go visit one of these adoption shelters or a local SPCA shelter. I believe that PetSmart has adoption days on Saturdays and Sundays but do check first; if not, they may be able to point out where you can find a local shelter.

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