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Funky Things with Bubble Wrap

Someone sent me a link to this YouTube video recently that features “Weird Al” Yankovic singing White and Nerdy, which is a parody of Ridin’ by Chamillionaire featuring Krayzie Bone – we honestly don’t know who the latter artist is but Weird Al is well-known for presenting an alternate, often satirical view of contemporary culture. We believe that’s John “Bermuda” Schwartz in the background showing off his mad skills on the dance floor and there’s even a quick appearance by Seth Green. You’ll be ROTFLOL after watching this clip – classic!

“Weird Al” Yankovic – White and Nerdy

Would you believe that Christmas is less than three weeks from today? Making a list, checking it twice… The tree is up and decorated in the basement and, of course, the cats and the kids can’t get enough of the sparkling ornaments and lights. Plus, temperatures outside have finally dipped to where we would expect them to be at this time of year. It’s only 27°F right now but on Friday it was about 72°F!

… and we want to give a shout out to our buddies Ben and Alex who were in town visiting from NYC this past weekend; it was great to see you guys! Best of luck to Deron as well who is moving to San Francisco this month.

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That was just painful to watch. And not just because I am white and nerdy myself.

I am still plowing through my Christmas cards. I don’t have a tree, just a wreath, and one ornament.

That wasn’t Bermuda geeking out behind Al in the video, that was the one-and-only Donny Osmond. As Al has been saying in interviews, when you want a white and nerdy icon, Donny Osmond is your go-to guy.

Weird Al should be on tour again in Spring or Summer of 2007, so Happy New Year, wishing you and yours an extremely Weird 2007.

Thanks, Helen, for pointing out that we here at need to have our prescription checked on our glasses. Ha-ha — knowing that it’s Donny Osmond makes it that much funnier!

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