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Well, it’s been an interesting off-season thus far for Sox fans. By the end of this week, Manny Ramirez might be playing elsewhere next season while free agent J.D. Drew might be wearing a Boston uniform. Also rumor has it that Julio Lugo may finally be positioned at short for the home team at Fenway Park next season, as the front office has been high on him since… well, forever, it seems. Of course, the biggest news has been that the Sox plopped down $51 million just for the rights to talk with Japanese star right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka and there is a lot of excitement about the possibility of this youngster being the next Pedro Martinez. Soon enough, the team that won it all in 2004 might be a distant memory, especially with a guy like the original dirt dog, Trot Nixon, leaving town for sure if Drew is brought on board.

What off-season?

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What is a “dirt dog?”

Hey, loved the video. Okay, $51M just to talk to him? What, do the Sox love throwing their money away? How much do they want to talk to me? I’d settle on a buck fiddy.


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