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Look Ma No Wires

We’re in trouble now! Lea is up on her knees, wiggling back and forth and looking for a way to inch herself closer to that toy just out of her reach. Soon, it’s going to be the car keys. Well, at least there is no way that her small frame can reach the gas pedal and steer at the same time.

We also just went wireless today so Jeff is able to roam free around the house carrying his laptop so he can waste time surfing in, say, the living room or, more likely, the bathroom. All kidding aside, it is really amazing how technology has made it so easy to manage how we live. We can pay our bills, we can order tickets to concerts, we can buy that last-minute gift for the mother-in-law… now if we could figure a way for it to get Jakob potty-trained, we’d be set!

On another note: the basement ceiling got its first coat of paint this evening. A nice cream color that should go well with the “hubbard squash” yellow paint that will go on the walls. The electricians are due back Monday to finish their work and hopefully we can get started on the floor next week as well.

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