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That’s Just Sick

Somewhere, someone is putting something in the water because, once more, we are in the throws of another bout with a cold.  First, Jakob and Lea got it, of course, and then Tiffany fell ill on Saturday.  Luckily, here we are on Monday evening and she is feeling much better as are the kids.  Somehow, Jeff has escaped this round.

It just seems like, since Christmas, hardly a day has gone by without someone being under the weather.  First, we had a rather nasty cold virus hit us just after Christmas that lingered for a couple of weeks.  Then, in mid-February, we all came down with what seemed like the same thing.  The likely culprit has been the up-and-down weather this winter; usually the ponds freeze solid by early December and don’t thaw until late March or early April, but this year we’ve had several warm spells, with warm being a relative term (40 °F or so).  In fact, Friday it got up into the low 70s here, which was great for taking the kids for a stroll around the block, something that we haven’t done in a long time.

Well, we are looking forward to the coming weekend when we will be joining Jeff’s parents at the Portland (ME) Boat Show.  We aren’t in the market but it’s interesting to see all the big power boats and should be fun for Jakob.  Plus, the hotel where we will be staying has a nice pool, so that should be fun for everyone!

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