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Do You Feel That?

It’s the collective buzz that’s growing with the Red Sox only four weeks away from Opening Day 2006 at Fenway Park.  Now, this year, there won’t be any unveiling of a World Series championship pennant but, nevertheless, the first home game in Boston signifies that we are that much closer to longer days, warmer nights, and weekend visits to a 94-year-old park that once witnessed the likes of Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Carl Yastrzemski playing long toss on the outfield grass.

Of course, around here, people talk baseball nearly 365 days a year, no make how many championships the Patriots are winning or how well the men’s and women’s teams over on Chestnut Hill are playing (both getting an invite to March Madness this year after their inagural seasons in the ACC – congratulations to them!).  Of course, with the Bruins playing dreadful hockey and the Celtics needing a full-court press to make the playoffs, we can hardly wait until those spring training exhibitions are a distant memory and the games become meaningful again.

All I know is that, sometime in April, we’ll be making our way down to Lansdowne Street, walking through Gate E, and finding our seats in Section 29 for yet another season in the sun.  Can’t hardly wait!

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