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My 30 Minutes Of Fame

So Monday afternoon, I get an email that has been forwarded to me by a friend of mine who owns another Red Sox fan site.  A request had come to him from a Utica (NY) radio news/sports station, WIBX 950, to break down the upcoming Red Sox season.  He wasn’t readily available to do it, so he told them to contact me about the opportunity.  Seeing this as an opportunity to talk Sox with some fellow sports nuts, I more than happily said: Yes!

Just before 6:10 this evening, I got the call from the director and host, Dave Richards, who put me on hold and then gave a nice intro before allowing me to step in, introduce myself, and start answering questions about the club.  It was great!  They asked me my thoughts on everything: the changes in the clubhouse, the different players, the race for the AL East title, who might be the X-factor this season, and many other subjects.  Unbelieveably, we talked for just over a half-hour with no commercial breaks; whether that was intended or not, I don’t know but, per usual, I had plenty to say!  Of course, they made sure to plug my site about a dozen times or so, so I can only hope that it draws a few more visitors to!

Afterwards, I asked whether they might have a copy of the segment but, unfortunately, they don’t tape it unless it’s requested (my fault).  However, I do have witness to the event: my sister-in-law, Sheila, and her three kids, Ryan, Cody, and Heather, all listened to the broadcast down the road apiece in Fort Plain.  Sheila called immediately after it ended and told us that it sounded great; just for fun, she also told me that I have the face for radio. (heh!)

I also got a nice email afterwards from Dave who thanked me a thousand times over for helping upstate New York prepare from another Red Sox season (heh!).  He also told me that he might give me a call later in the season and have me talk about the team again, so perhaps my fame won’t be fleeting?  I guess we’ll see; for now, I’ll enjoy the moment.

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