Red Sox

If there is anything that we (or Jeff) hold an unhealthy obsession for, it’s the Boston Red Sox. Annually, we make seven or eight trips to Fenway Park to watch the Sox, and Jeff has had the pleasure of attending several post-season games, including World Series games in 2004, 2007, and 2013 as well as the Home Run Derby during the All-Star festivities in 1999.

Jeff developed into a rabid Sox fan as he grew up on Cape Cod; he even built his own fan appreciation site, Jeff’s earliest memory is of a trip to Fenway Park as a young Little Leaguer and watching, from the bleachers, the Sox lose to the Milwaukee Brewers on a warm, late spring afternoon. A few years later, he watched his team go to the World Series, but let’s not rehash bad memories, shall we?

Tiffany was never a baseball fan until Jeff started to regularly take her to Sox games. What makes it more remarkable is that she is a transplant from upstate New York, i.e., rabid Yankee fan country, but she never before had paid much attention to baseball (or any other sport) and we’re all thankful for that!

Not surprisingly, Jako, Lea, and Emme have fast become fans of the Red Sox and always enjoys going to any baseball game that we can attend, whether it’s at lovely Fenway or another local ballpark.

Look for us at Fenway Park this summer – we’ll wave to you from Section 29!