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T-84 Days And Couting…

Well, we’ve got just 12 weeks to go before Opening Day in Texas for the Sox. Manny Ramirez has apparently decided to remain with Boston, though he changes his mind so often that it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he reversed course next week. The only significant news in recent days is that the Sox signed J.T. Snow to a one-year deal to platoon with Kevin Youkilis at first base. It’s a wise move by the Sox, as he brings proven veteran leadership to the club and should be a valuable mentor to Youk as he moves to a new position.

The Sox still have neither a proven shortstop nor a center fielder; Alex Cora and Adam Stern, respectively, are penciled in those positions for the moment. Supposedly, the Sox are interested in a young outfielder by the name of Jeremy Reed from Seattle, but the Mariners want Bronson Arroyo in exchange and that may not be a price that Boston wants to pay. As for the shortstop position, now that Miguel Tejada says that he will stay in Baltimore, the Sox might now look to Tampa Bay infielder Julio Lugo, though his numbers aren’t that much better than recently-departed Edgar Renteria‘s.

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