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Lost His Mittens

Orange Tiger KittenYesterday afternoon, Tiffany was home tooling around the house when she heard some cries coming from the deck outside the side door. Turns out that there was a little orange tiger cat (kitten, actually) freezing itself out there. Luckily for us, we have the Have-A-Heart trap because the kitten would not allow Tiffany to come anywhere close to him and, with some tempting Tender Vittles, caught him before I got home. Note: The photo is NOT a picture of the cat but he looks pretty similar.

A trip to the vet revealed worms but no fleas. It also appears to be feral. Right now, he’s staying in residence in the bathroom and one of our neighbors is considering whether to adopt him, as they recently lost their cat and had also seen this kitten running around the neighborhood looking for scraps and such. I’m not sure if we would take him because (a) we already have two cats and two kids, and (b) he may or may not have feline HIV, meaning that he would have to be an “only cat” if he were to find a home. Right now, we are looking to send him to Kitty Angels, a local non-profit no-kill shelter where hopefully someone will come and adopt him.

Please, folks, have your pets spayed or neutered if you don’t have the decency to care for these beautiful creatures. It breaks your heart to see a ten-week-old kitten trying to fend for itself in the middle of December with the nighttime temperatures dipping below 0°F… at least, it breaks ours.

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That is awful that they would leave a kitten outside for itself! I might be interested in taking a cat, actually. Can’t promise, but I have been wanting a kitten for a while. What does feral mean?

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