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King Kong by Peter JacksonOne of our dear friends offered to watch the two kids this evening while we went and saw King Kong at the local cinema. As I have seen the original movie from 1933, Peter Jackson (same guy who directed the Rings trilogy) did a nice job staying somewhat true to the original, with some obvious nods here and there. However, he also added his own touch and made it his own (a $180 million budget helped with that!).

Actually, the only negative comment I had was that the camera movement was a little jerky at some points and, in a few instances, I started getting nauseous. I don’t know where that came from but it was a rather unpleasant feeling. It was like when I crew in the summer on our friend’s boat and I stay below deck for too long. Tiffany even got a little woozy near the end when the camera is panning around the cityscape.

In either case, go see it if you have the chance but don’t bring your little kids because there are some gruesome parts (we won’t go into detail). We wouldn’t say that it rises to the same level as the trilogy but a great job nonetheless.

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