Snow Day!

SnowmanFriday came and there was talk of snowfall in the area, perhaps six to ten inches, and we ended up with sixteen total. The interesting part was that it all came down in what seemed like a matter of minutes. Jeff had to run down to City Hall for a building permit so that he could continue working on the basement renovation (excuse us – cellar renovation, according to the language of the building inspectors) and while the snow was falling, there was no sense of panic or urgency.

However, just after lunch, it seemed like the snow started coming in sideways and quickly accumulated to the point that, after it stopped at around 3:30, Jeff went out to snowblow the driveway and needed to push hard on the screen door to move what had drifted against it.

There was a beautiful pink sunset and, what was not surprising, within a couple of hours the roads were pretty-well plowed and nearly every driveway that we could see was clear. Snowstorm, what snowstorm?

Today being Saturday, we got out and played in the freshly-fallen powder, with Jakob helping Jeff build a “Frosty” in the backyard. We also pulled him around in his old sled, though it’s a little too small for him. Luckily, Santa already told us that there should be a nice surprise under the tree for Jakob very soon. *smile*

Lea’s First Tooth!

Miss Lea cut her first tooth! The other night she was having trouble sleeping; perhaps that was the reason? It appears to be one of her eye teeth, right side, bottom jaw. That puts her first tooth at 12 weeks, about two weeks earlier than Jakob when he cut his first. By eight months he had nearly all of his teeth so will the same be true for her? Only time will tell…

New Look For Sox Next Season

So the Winter Meetings came to a close Thursday afternoon and Boston made quite a splash with trades involving Doug Mirabelli and Edgar Renteria. I’m sad to see Mirabelli disappear because he was always well-liked by the fans here, never one to grab the spotlight, especially in a negative way. Wonder who Wakefield will be serving knuckleballs to in 2006.

As for Renteria, I was willing to give him another chance, but the brass felt otherwise and, in the end, he cost us $23 million for his one season because we had to send cash to the Braves to offset the difference, especially with us getting Andy Marte, a top prospect but not commanding near the salary of Renteria. Now it remains to be seen how the Sox will fill the position that seemed to be a lock for years to come not too long ago in recent memory…

Odd to think, too, that it’s possible that the only returning fielder from the 2005 squad might be Jason Varitek!

Hello, Family and Friends!

Welcome to the new and improved but still the virtual home of Jeff, Tiffany, Jakob, and Lea Moon. Of course, we can’t forget the pets, too: Kokopelli, Miko, and the fish. Hopefully this gives us more opportunity to pass along the latest news about us as well as some recent photos. Plus, we still plan to obsess about the Red Sox, too, even in their current state of turmoil just a year removed from their triumphant World Series victory!

Right now, we are using a template that we found online which we think looks pretty nice (more or less) but perhaps in the near future when we have time (yeah, right!), we’ll spruce things up a bit more.