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A Change Would Do You Good

A Change Would Do You Good

Six months has to be a record between posts on most sites that have not been completely abandoned, though this one gets as close to that as possible. Again, it’s not for lack of news but just that we find ourselves caught up in our everyday lives with more important matters to attend versus writing about them here. Well, one change that we are making here is the design of the site – welcome Elegant Grunge 0.4.3 by Michael Tyson. As I understand it, it was developed more for photobloggers but I thought it just looked cool. If you like it, feel free to visit his site using the link at the bottom of the page.

Our beloved Red Sox were NOT able to repeat as champions this season, though they made it as far as Game Seven of the ALCS versus Tampa Bay (a surprise contender this season). The season was still a lot of fun as we got to witness several exciting games at Fenway Park this season. Hands down, the best was the last game Jeff witnessed, Game Five of the ALCS. Down 7-0 with two outs in the bottom of the seventh, the Sox rallied for four runs, then three more in the eighth before winning the game in walk-off fashion in the ninth to force the series back to Tampa after the Rays appeared to be ready to head to the World Series. It was the second-biggest comeback in post-season history and the biggest in ALCS history.

Jakob and Lea are both settled into school, Jake being in kindergarten and Lea in her first year of preschool. It amazes us how much they absorb; Jakob has been learning to spell simple words like C-A-T and B-A-L-L but last week rattled off A-I-R-P-L-A-N-E like it was nothing. After being so far behind his preschool classmates two years ago, he has made huge strides in the past year and should be ready for grade school next year. Lea loves preschool, especially because it means the chance to glue things, like googly eyes to Popsicle sticks. Her vocabulary is incredible, too – what comes out of her mouth sometimes stops us in our tracks (and no, it’s not bad language!).

Our only recent news is that we lost Koko due to illness but rescued another cat from a local shelter. She is a American shorthair with tabby markings that named Zoey because Jakob was calling her “Zoo Kitty” after seeing her and all the other cats caged at the shelter. She appears to be very well-behaved and affectionate towards everyone in the family, and she shows a lot of tolerance for the kids, who often need to be reminded to treat her gently so she won’t hide from them.

More changes may be coming to the site but that will depend on a great many things… in the meanwhile, enjoy the holidays!

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