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Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy!

Jonatham Papelbon @ 2007 Red Sox World Series Championship Rolling Rally

If you’ve been living under a rock this week then you might not know that the Red Sox were able to win the World Series over the Rockies, sweeping Colorado in four games. Why it’s taken us almost a week to post this is due to the fact that we are just recovering from the hangover that followed. Just kidding…

Interestingly enough, only seven players remain from the 2004 team (eight if you count Kevin Youkilis, who was not on the World Series roster that year) so we are looking at a team much different from the “Idiots” that ended that 86-year drought three years ago. The good news is that this team looks built to contend often over the next three to five years, with several young guys in the mix with some savvy veterans and a strong core pitching staff. Of course, we won’t put the cart before the horse here but it wouldn’t surprise too many people at this point if the Sox pull this off again at least once more in the next few seasons.

For me (Jeff), I got the privilege of witnessing four playoff games at Fenway Park during this championship run; Game Two of the ALDS, Games One and Six of the ALCS, and Game One of the World Series. Boston won each game, three times by blowing out the opposition and once thanks to a game-winning home run in the bottom of the ninth by Manny Ramirez. Odd as this may sound, I also went to nine other games at Fenway this season… and Boston won all nine of those games, giving the Sox a record of 13-0 this season when I was in attendance. There was even one game that I had to sell my tickets due to another commitment and Boston won that day, too! Coincidence? Well, I know that the Sox have never done much better than .500 in the games I’ve attended in a single season so it was unusual, to say the least.

Hey, only fifteen more weeks until the truck leaves Fenway for spring training in Fort Myers! Hopefully, I’ll be witness to the ring ceremony and the raising of a championship banner next April, too!

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Hello Mr. Moon.

I just got out from under my rock where even there the news had made it to me that the Red Sox had swept the World Series. I also found a pair of rusty scissors.

Anyway, maybe you should attend more games, granted your high number of Boston wins with you in attendance.


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