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People Will Come

James Earl Jones from Field of Dreams

Today is Opening Day for the 2007 Major League Baseball season, if you ignore the fact that the action opened last night with the New York Mets beating the defending world champion St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium, 6-1. Boston is in Kansas City and the first pitch is scheduled for 4:10 this afternoon on NESN and ESPN. I happened to swing by one of my favorite sites this morning, Surviving Grady, and one of the authors had posted this video sequence from Field of Dreams, perhaps the best movie for the money centered around baseball. Listening to Mr. Jones wax poetic about the beauty of this game is enough to make anyone long for the feel of a warm spring day, the smell of freshly-cut green grass, and the sound that a bat makes when it comes in perfect contact with a pitch.

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I have a question, since I have not seen this movie. Is Earl Jones just a figment of Ray’s imagination, along with all the ball players?

Also: how is opening week doing? I guess we’ll find out tonight. You never responded to my phone call.

Thanks for calling, and thanks for the explanation about the movie. Maybe we can watch that sometime if I am out in the Greater L. area.

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