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Bare Feet In The SandActually, the title is about five days later than it should be but we returned Sunday from a trip to South Carolina last week. It was our first extended vacation in forever and it went very well, thank you! The kids were great and, overall, it was a fantastic experience. The weather was spectacular, too; sunny every day with temperatures hovering between the mid-60s and low 70s. So it wasn’t exactly ideal “spring break” weather but it was warm enough to go to the beach nearly every day and walk around in shorts. The kids especially loved going to the beach; even though the water temperature was probably nowhere near 60 degrees, they weren’t at all phased by the sharp sensation from even just dipping your toes in the surf.

From what people told us, we picked a good week to head south. Apparently, the temperatures last week around the Boston area hovered in the single digits, with winds making it feel less than zero. We had an idea that it was bitterly cold from some video we saw down there while checking the Weather Channel. It showed some Quincy (MA) firefighters battling an early-morning blaze and there was ice on their helmets from the backspray. Brrrrrrr!

Actually, the weather had been quite remarkable around here this week, too. On Tuesday, the temperature got into the sixties; Wednesday, temperatures actually got above 70. Today; however, temperatures were back down around 20 and it began snowing around midday! As I sit here typing, I can see the snow whipping around outside our window and there has to be a good half-foot of coverage on the ground. What’s that they say about New England weather?

Well, what would be one of our posts without some Red Sox news? The boys of summer are now two-plus weeks into spring training and so far it had been as expected. It’s win a few, lose of few, and then talk about the prospects of another season. Tomorrow is the annual St. Patrick’s Day game when the club will trot out its green uniforms and caps, though I have no idea if the visiting Cincinnati Reds will also don the green in kind. Believe it or not, Boston has just two weeks left and, soon enough, it will be Opening Day in Kansas City on 02 April. Spring can’t get here soon enough!

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