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Thus Spake Zarathustra

2001: A Space OdysseyFor those of you that are unaware of the meaning of this post’s title, go rent 2001: A Space Odyssey today…

Like the movie, the news has been sparse in these parts lately but that doesn’t mean that we have not been busy. Jakob started at a new pre-kindergarten school this past week and he really enjoys being with all new friends. Lea is actively running around the house, literally, and has started to parrot everything that we say. Plus, with the cold weather finally here, we’ve managed to tackle some projects around the house that we’ve been meaning to do, including some of the finish work in the basement. We were fortunate not to get hit with the ice storm that parts north of us received that caused considerable damange.

In Red Sox news, the biggest story today is that one of Boston’s original Dirt Dogs, Trot Nixon, signed a free agent deal with Cleveland yesterday. Though it wasn’t much of a surprise, with the Red Sox failing to offer him arbitration at the deadline in December, Nixon had been with Boston since signing out of high school in 1993 and was the longest-active member of the club (Tim Wakefield now holds that distinction). Trot, we thank you for your years of service and wish you nothing but the best with the Indians.

Oh, and the Patriots are just one win away from the Super Bowl, if they can get by old friend Adam Vinateri and old foe Peyton Manning tomorrow night in Indianapolis. Stay tuned!

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What is a dirt dog? Well, that is certainly too bad that Trot Nixon is leaving. With a name like Trot Nixon, he’s got to be good. Or so us non-sport type of people think. Actually, I am thinking of becoming a Football fan of the Patriots. I’m not sure yet. I’m really nervous about tomorrow’s game, but I will be enjoying it with friends and so it should be fun.

Well, we are glad you are finishing some projects around the house. Oh, I am leaving work in the Lawrence area in the next 3 weeks, or I hope to. I’ve had enough of Micro-management in a 5 company office. I hope you will keep me in your thoughts as there is an opportunity coming up in Chelmsford that could be really good.

May God bless us all, from Harbormoon to Etoonin’ Inc.


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