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Arbitrary Post To Appear Alive

Again with the long delay between posts! Well, nothing to write here at the moment but check out this great clip from last night’s Red Sox game. Even though they lost, there was a great exchange in the Red Sox broadcast booth that involved Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy, the usual suspects, and Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke, two very funny comedians. If you aren’t laughing at this, you are either asleep or dead.

Go Sox! We still believe…

3 replies on “Arbitrary Post To Appear Alive”

Dude, it said “this video is unavailable.” Can you fix that?

Anyway, we like your blog entries, big or small.

Sorry about that – I guess the other video got deleted from YouTube. This should fix that and hopefully this won’t disappear anytime soon.

Thanks for the kudos, JimZ!

Our apologies as this video has disappeared yet again due to the fact that, obviously, the telecast was owned by Major League Baseball. If you go and check out YouTube, do a search on Denis Leary and you should be able to find what we’re referring to here…

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