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Been FramedMore work in the basement was done this weekend with help from Jeff’s mom.  As Tiffany kept the kids at bay, the framework in the laundry room was finally completed, though it was tricky trying to work around the dryer which we kept connected to the natural gas line; lucky for us, nothing went boom.  We also framed two out of the three windows on the southwest side of the house and installed wallboard in one of them to give it a more “finished” look.  Little by little, it comes together…

Now we have more incentive to finish hanging the wallboard.  Friday afternoon, we had a mud and tape guy come and look over what we wanted done and he was going to get back to our contractor with a quote.  He was supposed to have come the previous Friday but went to the wrong house.  In fact, he went to the house just behind us – perhaps we need to oversize the house number?

The Grapefruit League season is finally underway and the Red Sox are 2-3 through Sunday, with the only two wins coming against Boston College and Northeastern.  Of course, those technically do not count in the standings so they are really 0-3 but, then again, preseason games count for nothing in the regular season.  Right now, quite a few players, like Jason Varitek and Julian Tavarez, are off playing in the World Baseball Classic which runs through the next two to three weeks.  Plus, the preseason games now tend to serve a purpose more to review the farm talent and see who might be a potential mid-season call-up if a regular goes on the DL.

Two good things recently out of camp: Manny Ramirez reported as promised on 01 March and David Wells said that he would pitch for Boston this season, dropping his request for a trade.  All is well in Red Sox Nation…

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Go Red Sox!!! Yeah yeah yeah!

Dude, good job on the basement. When I am feeling better I’ll sub for ya anytime.


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