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Well, it’s been some time since we posted but we again caught a nasty cold virus that put us all out of commission for a week or so.  Not that we couldn’t post something, but how much do you want to read about those gory details?

So obviosuly, given the circumstances, there has been little progress in the basement since earlier in the month.  Hopefully we will be back down there this weekend getting the door frames in place and the rest of the family room sheet-rocked.  We also have a mud-and-tape guy coming this afternoon to give us a quote on doing that task when we are ready for that.

On a brighter note, Red Sox spring training is fully underway.  Pitchers and catchers reported late last week and the rest of the team (sans Manny Ramirez, who won’t be in camp until 01 March) showed up yesterday.  The first spring training game is one week from today against Minnesota and the excitement of a season yet to commence has everyone in Red Sox Nation waking up from the restless slumber of the last month or so, with the Patriots having made an early exit from the playoffs and the Celts and Bruins playing less-than-stellar basketball and hockey, respectively.

Other good news on the homefront is that Lea’s acid reflux finally appears to be under control.  The specialty doctor that she’s been seeing for the past four months finally gave the green light, so Tiffany is in the process of weaning Lea and switching here to a special formula.  She’s also ready from stage 1 baby food and has already been having rice cereal for a few weeks.  She also seems to be sleeping better at night which, of course, is a huge plus.  Jakob, meanwhile, is still attempting to be trained on the potty but that’s seen limited success – good days and bad, which is not unexpected as we’ve been told by others.

Hopefully everyone is well elsewhere!  Catch you later…

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