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Groundhog Day

Groundhog DayFunny that the grandhog reportedly saw his shadow today, meaning six more weeks of winter.  Around here, it’s been unusually warm and just raw if nothing else.  We did get snow earlier this week but it’s nearly gone; with rain in the forecast, it will likely be washed away by the weekend.  We had every intention of hitting the slopes a few times this winter as we had before the kids came along but the chances are getter less and less that we will even strap on our bindings before the daffodils pop up this spring.

At least we haven’t had to deal with driving in adverse conditions; not so much that we don’t know how, but that we don’t have to be sharing the road with people around here who see a few snowflakes and suddenly forget how to operate a motor vehicle.  You can divide people around here into three categories: first, there are those who have a clue and just take it easy taking corners, staying well behind vehicles in front of them, and giving themselves plenty of time to come to a stop.  Then you have the people who think that because they have a four-wheel drive vehicle that they can go ten miles over the speed limit and ride your behind like they are trying to read your gages.  Finally, there are those who drive half the speed limit with one foot on the gas, one foot on the brake, and are oblivious to the mile-long caravan of cars behind them. Perhaps the latter two should just follow the groundhog and remain in hibernation, eh?

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