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…and They Are Wearing Sweaters In Hell


Bad News Bears

Finally, after 14 straight defeats over one-plus season, the day finally came when my company softball team could celebrate a victory! Last night, we managed not only to end up on the winning end of the final score but played well enough to dominate the other team, scoring 13 runs and allowing just one run on defense. Happy day! Of course, we are still 1-6 this season with little hope of making a run at the playoffs, but it feels so good to get the monkey off our backs. “Coach” (that’s me) even treated his players to a round of grog at the Lowell Brewery after all was said and done, so I suspect that there may be new incentive to win a few more before the end of the season.

Plus, the Red Sox at the All-Star break are 10 games ahead of the second-place Blue Jays and Yankees for the AL East Division lead, so all is well as we settle back into our routine after taking a week off from work with the holiday. We enjoyed a lovely wedding down on the Cape the past Saturday (07-07-07), with my best friend since grade school, Alex, getting married. Jakob had the honor of being the ring bearer for the ceremony and, besides the lovely couple, was the highlight of the proceedings, as he ran down the aisle, gave the groom the rings, and then raced back to Mommy, providing plenty of chuckles from the attendees. He even walked back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony with the flower girl, although it was more like he was dragging her with him.

We are also having new vinyl siding added to the house and garage to cover the asbestos shingles and to save us from the chore of painting. The crew started yesterday and hopefully will finish by the end of the week. Early last week, I took a few days to dismantle an old shed that was attached to the back of the garage that had pretty much seen better days. Luckily, it came down without too much trouble, though I had the misfortune of stepping on a fat, rusty nail as I was wrapping up the job last Wednesday. Fortunately, I had 72 hours to go and see my doctor, rather than having to sit in the ER on a holiday, and he gave me the necessary tetanus shot as well as some antibiotics to clear up any infection. The good news is that I still have a healthy looking foot almost a week later.

The only other news is that we have now gone high def at home! Verizon finally got permission to offer FiOS TV in our area so we switched last week and are now enjoying the Red Sox in high definition on NESN. Everyone has been pushing for me to go this route but I wanted to wait until someone other than the cable company offered it. The wait was worth it – it’s true what they say about the picture.

That’s about it for now – I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer!

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Congratulations, Jeffrey! That is excellent news about the Isotopes. I’m glad you were able to win, hopefully you’ll win a few more before season’s end.

Love, Jim

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