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You Make The Call

Tilley - chocolate-point Siamese

Here is the latest close-up of Jeff’s parents’ four-month-old (or roughly thereabout) Siamese cat that they named Tilley. When they got her as a kitten, it was unclear whether she would be a blue point or a chocolate point, but it seems clear now that she is the latter. Her and Tonka, our cat that we gave to Jeff’s parents shortly after Jakob was born when he was a couple of years old, have become great friends. Life is very good for these cats…

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Yellow eyes… interesting. I met a siamese cat this past weekend at a friend’s house. I was charmed. Not only are they beautiful, but they seem mild-tempered. My friend said they stick to one owner for life, even if you have a spouse.

Well, I’m sorry the Red Sox aren’t hitting as well as they should. I’ll root for the Tigers too, if you call my organized sport activity rooting…


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