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Sox, Sox, Sox, Sox…

Red Sox prepare for 2006 opener at Fenway Park

Yes, ’tis a holy day in these parts as the Red Sox prepare to open Fenway Park at 2:05 this afternoon for the first time in 2006, with several changes having been made to the place over the winter that will be interesting to see in person on Saturday when we head in for our first game against the Mariners. Today, however, the full squad will be introduced, from Josh Bard to Kevin Youkilis, all the coaches, and perhaps even the team doctor. Then, it’s Josh Beckett taking the hill against Josh Towers and Toronto Blue Jays, divisional opponents and brings of baseball from the country where every sentence ends in: “Eh?”

(Like: “That was a wicked slider, eh?” Wait, do they say “wicked” there or is it just us Boston metro types?)

Fenway is sure to be rocking and, sadly, I’ll be in a proposal meeting all afternoon trying hard to concentrate on the topic of discussion while thinking in the back of my mind: “I wonder how many home runs David Ortiz has hit this afternoon?”

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Hey, Moon Unit, I got two tickets to the Red Sox, Right field near 1st base. Some guy at work is going to give them to me! And, so I thought I would brag to you. Did we win the first home game?

Hey Moon, two more people asked about 310 gear today (I wore your shirt). I think you have a hit.

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