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Progress Is A Good Thing

Well, the walls in the basement are starting to wrap around the family room and hopefully we’ll be ready to plaster in no time. That’s a long time from now, unfortunately, as we are limited by how often Jeff can find time to get the work done. Luckily, he has plenty of friends who aren’t familiar with the weight of an individual 4×12 piece of sheet rock.

Sesame Street Live

Saturday we went to Sesame Street Live in Lowell with the kids and some friends of ours and their kids. The show was subtitled “Out Of This World” and featured the Yup-Yups coming from outer space and landing on Sesame Street to learn more about earth and its inhabitants. So Elmo, Big Bird, and the rest of the gang spoke about how, even with our differences (languages, cultures, etc.), we are all earthlings. It was quite enjoyable and at a reasonable price – $15 per ticket. Of course, they were still hawking Sesame Street merchandise for outrageous prices; they wanted $8 for an Elmo balloon you can buy at the party stores for $2! Lea slept for the whole show, of course, and Jakob was a little frightened at first (how would you feel looking up on stage at six-foot-tall monsters?) but settled into the show and enjoyed himself.

Lea is now thisclose to rolling over onto her stomach from her back. Right now, she gets about three-quarters of the way there but her arm keeps her from rolling over completely. She’ll get there eventually, of course, and then it won’t be long before she’s doing the commando crawl all over the place.

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I find it amazing that a baby even has to learn to roll over. I understand it through hearing other friends’ stories about babies, but it floors me that this is an accomplishment of many for a child.

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