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Someone Get The License Of That Truck

Well, it’s been almost a week since our last post but more for reasons beyond our control. While in New York this weekend, Jakob was still battling that cold and Lea eventually caught it from him on Monday. After coming home Tuesday evening, she was still coughing and sputtering but doing okay until she suddenly threw up as we prepared for bed. All though the night, it became routine where she’d sleep for no longer than 45 minutes or so before waking up crying and then throwing up everything.

So, knowing what she knows, Tiffany took her to the emergency room yesterday morning, where the doctors determined that she had RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), which is extremely contagious and can be fatal if not treated properly. Luckily, it was caught well before anything serious could take place so, besides the congestion and the misfortune of having to be in the hospital, Lea is doing as well as would be expected of a three-month old. Tiffany is also handling herself well, despite the lack of sleep this week and being under the weather herself.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Jakob are home holding down the fort until Lea and Tiffany can return home and restore order. Jake is nearly in the clear, still coughing occassionally but not suffering from runny noses and sleeping straight through the night. As for Jeff, he is in the midst of his dealings with this cold but is managing just fine. Not exactly what everyone hoped to be doing during his week off from work, but at least the Patriots are still flying high (four straight wins after dismantling the Jets on MNF).

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Hey, Moon Unit, sorry to hear about the cold/virus woes. Glad everyone seems to be okay in the end! ~Jim

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